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PDAA Support Letter for HB 2321, 2324, and 2325

June 4, 2018 Dear House Judiciary Committee Member: I am writing to highlight three important pieces of legislation that will be before you in the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. HB 2321 by Representative Bloom, HB 2324 by Representative Barbin, and HB 2325 by Representative Everett are designed to help our most vulnerable testify in court when they have been victims of

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HARRISBURG, PA – Pennsylvania’s prosecutors say they need new tools to help victims of crime and hold perpetrators of economic crimes accountable. This week, the Judiciary Committees in both the state House and Senate will consider several bills designed to address shortcomings in the law to help better protect the most vulnerable victims of crime in the criminal justice process, ensure

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Pennsylvania District Attorneys Issue Best Practices on Body-Worn Cameras

Policy provides guidelines on use, procedures, storage, public release, and supervision of body-worn cameras for law enforcement. HARRISBURG, PA – Recognizing that law enforcement practices must keep up with available technology and investigative tools, the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association (“PDAA”) today released new guidance and a model policy to assist police departments in the use of body-worn cameras. The recommendations provide agencies

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