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PDAA Support for HB 741

Pennsylvania’s District Attorneys strongly support HB 741 introduced by Representative Stephens. This legislation is necessary to restore many mandatory minimum sentences in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently struck down some of our mandatory minimum sentencing statutes because they did not require the Commonwealth to prove the elements triggering the sentence beyond a reasonable doubt. As a result, Pennsylvania has

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PDAA Blog Post: Being Smart on Crime Means Being Tough on Violent Offenders

By Greg Rowe, Chief of the Legislation and Policy Unit. Philadelphia District Attorney's Office. Our General Assembly continues with its important task of conducting appropriations hearings, where state agencies and other entities appear before the House and Senate Appropriations Committees to discuss their budgetary needs.  During this process, substantive questions about their operations and about larger policy issues are often raised

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Statute of Limitations Reform

SB 261 includes meaningful and significant steps, supported by PDAA, to reform our child abuse-related statutes of limitations. Most significant, SB 261 will eliminate the criminal statute of limitations for many sexual offenses committed against a child.  For many reasons, young victims of rape and other sexual assaults do not always report to law enforcement or to anyone, including loved ones,

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