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Victim Services/SAVIN

Foundational Academy Instructions
Victim Services Foundational Academy Document Downloads
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Foundational Academy Instructions

Attendance at the Foundational Academy assists new victim service professionals to identify and understand their roles and job responsibilities as outlined by the PCCD’s Consolidated Victim Service Standards.

The manual for the October Foundational Academy is available here. Please read the manual and print it if you would like to have it available at the academy. Foundational-Academy-Manual-October-2017 PDF

The Foundational Academy consists of three (3) components totaling 40 hours. These components include:

You must attend the Foundational Academy:

This training is supported by a grant awarded to the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Institute (PDAI) by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

Training hours may be applied towards continuing training hours required each year as put forth in the PCCD Standards and the Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research (CJJT&R). Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of this course. In addition to reviewing the documents and the activities in the online, independent component, many of the OVC Vat online assignments include maintaining a journal and discussing the activity with your supervisor.  The time assigned to each assignment includes this discussion time.

You and your supervisor must verify that you have completed the 14-hour online, independent study component of the training by signing the participant’s Completion Verification. The signed Completion Verification must be mailed to Donna Hull at 806 West Market Street, West Chester PA 19382.  You will not receive a letter certifying their completion of the Foundational Academy until the Completion Verification is received by PDAI.  The Foundational Academy Completion Verification is available as an attachment on this page.

The next Basic Compensation Training which is part of the online training will be held on March 22, 2018. Click here to register.

Must Read Documents


Foundational-Academy-Verification-121517 as an excel file.
Foundational-Academy-Verification-121517 as a PDF file.

Link to online training
To link to the PCCD online training use this link.
If the link does not work copy and paste the address below in your browser.
Once you get there please click on the view events recording link.

To watch the Restitution Basic training, please go to this link.

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Victim Services Foundational Academy Document Downloads

23 Pa. C.S. § 6101 et seq.
An Overview of the Juvenile Criminal Justice System
BARJ Monograph
Bill of Rights
CJS Flow Chart
Crime Victims Act
Delinquency Matters
Glossary of Legal Terms
Homicide Resource Paper
Human Trafficking Resource Paper
Identity Theft Resource Paper
Impaired Driving Resource Paper
Intimate Partner Violence Resource Paper
Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Justice System Goals
PFA Relationship Requirement Fact Sheet
Prison Package Education Handout
Prison Package Summary
Resource List
Safety Planning
Sexual Assault Resource Paper
The Adult Criminal Justice System
Victim Restoration White Paper
The next Basic Compensation Web Ex Training will be held September 21, 2017.  You can register on the PCCD Victim Services Online Training Page.

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PA SAVIN Contact Information

Jennifer Feicht – SAVIN Assistance

Patricia Blascovich – Contracts

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