August 19, 2009

I learned of the passing of my leader, my colleague and my friend, Erie County District Attorney Brad Foulk. Brad’s death is a profound loss for the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association and for all of those who seek justice for victims in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. But there are many who can speak to those issues with far more eloquence than me. My reason for writing is simple: the citizens of Erie should know how much Brad Foulk loved his hometown. Beneath the dapper duds, behind the sharp wit and the sometimes tough talk, beat the heart of a true son of Erie. Brad was so proud of his city and so proud of his constituents.

Last summer, the PDAA held our summer meeting in Erie. Brad Foulk made sure that everyone felt at home. He even somehow arranged for four of the most perfect days of weather that I have ever seen. We were able to enjoy the lake, the city and most of all the people whom Brad loved so dearly. I had never been to Erie before that trip. I have already been back.

Tom Ridge was once called the guy no one ever heard of from the place no one has ever been. Brad Foulk has been heard by a generation of prosecutors across this great commonwealth — and we have all been to Erie.

Thanks, Brad. You are missed.

David Freed | Cumberland County District Attorney, Carlisle