Armstrong County Pretrial Diversion Program and Specialty Court Assistant District Attorney

Department: District Attorneys Office
Salary: $56,327.91

Position Summary:

The Specialty Court and Pretrial Diversion Program Assistant District Attorney (Pre-trial diversion ADA) is responsible for overseeing all charges and managing case files for all applicants and program participants in the District Attorney’s Pretrial Diversion Program as well as on behalf of the District Attorney’s office for the Armstrong County IST and Veterans’ Court programs. This Assistant must possess superior analytical abilities, excellent communication skills, a thorough comprehension of the current state of the law, and be able to work well with staff and other team members, defense attorneys and pro-se defendants in negotiating the terms of acceptance into said programs. In addition, this Assistant shall command a courtroom presence and be comfortable attending all Magisterial and courtroom proceedings in relation to said cases.

The Pretrial diversion ADA is responsible for reviewing all magisterial case lists to identify individuals who may qualify for entry into the pre-trial diversion program and specialty courts and to attend all magistrate hearings for these cases. The Pre-trial diversion ADA should make recommendations on behalf of the DA’s office for candidates for said programs and shall be in charge of all stages of proceedings and managing case files for said cases.  The Pre-trial diversion ADA shall handle the prosecution of all types of misdemeanor and felony drug criminal offenses for those qualifying and accepted into the programs, from the preliminary hearing level through post-sentencing issues.  The Pre-trial diversion ADA also will work with the IST team and Veterans’ Court programs and make recommendations. The Pre-trial diversion ADA acts as a consultant and advisor to all Assistant District Attorneys, law enforcement officials, probation officers and other service providers in the criminal justice system with regard to these programs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversight of the Pre-trial diversion program.
  • Work with the IST team and Veterans’ Treatment Court team.
  • Attend all court hearings, appearances and team meetings relating to said treatment programs.
  • Screen all criminal charges and cases to recommend defendants for participation in said programs.
  • Prepare plea offers and other court documents consistent with the programs and communicate them to defendants and their attorneys.
  • Verify the Rule 600 status of each case in said programs.
  • Coordinate activities with law enforcement, the County Detective, support staff personnel, Case Manager and Victim/Witness Coordinator for all program cases.
  • Community outreach for promotion and education on said programs.

Essential Requirements:

  • The Pre-trial diversion ADA must be a licensed attorney, admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • Training and/or experience in diversion and/or treatment courts is a plus.
  • Knowledge of the Prosecutor’s Management System is a plus.

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