Delaware County Assistant District Attorney

A career in prosecution is designed for those attorneys dedicated to the finest public service available and who are committed to the ideals of public safety and justice. The Delaware County District Attorney’s Office is seeking applicants for the position of Assistant District Attorney. The Delaware County DAO is committed to supporting initiatives to reduce crime, supporting sensible alternatives to incarceration when appropriate, and collaborating with other agencies to bring about comprehensive changes that improve the quality of life for all who are touched by the criminal justice system. Applicants must be committed to public service, skilled in oral advocacy, and possess excellent judgment as necessary to ensure the fair and impartial administration of justice.

Working in a prosecutor’s office offers an attorney a broad spectrum of experience. The crimes prosecuted range from disorderly conduct to aggravated assaults, complex fraud investigations, rapes and murders. The Office is responsible for both adult and juvenile prosecutions.

The District Court Unit, which is the first hearing in most cases, staffs Assistant District Attorneys who handle preliminary hearings, traffic appeals, and Gagnon IIs. The Office’s Juvenile Unit handles all matters pertaining to juvenile arrests. The largest Unit in the Office, the Trial Unit, consists of the Trial Team, a group of dedicated Assistant District Attorneys who handle motions, trials, and sentencings for cases ranging from Driving Under the Influence to Homicide; in addition to the Office’s Special Victim’s Unit, where ADAs handle sexual and domestic assaults; the Special Investigations Unit, where ADAs handle public corruption and white collar crime; the Diversion Unit; and the Environmental Crimes Unit.

While the District Attorney’s Office naturally offers exceptional trial experience, it also provides a unique environment for the pursuit of other legal skills. For example, the Appeals Unit handles dozens of appeals annually, both as appellee and appellant, presenting challenging and interesting issues for developing legal writing skills and oral advocacy. These appeals are litigated in a variety of courts, ranging from the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas to the United States Supreme Court. The bulk of appellate litigation before the Pennsylvania Superior and Supreme courts. In nearly all cases, appellate attorneys are assigned full responsibility, under supervision, for the briefing and arguing of their own cases.

Recently, the DAO’s Gun Violence Task Force implemented the Chester Partnership for Safe Neighborhoods to combat the increase in gun violence in the City of Chester through the strategy of focused deterrence. The office also instituted vertical prosecution to ensure that one prosecutor stays with serious cases from start to finish. Case assignments are determined based on the needs of the office and skill.

Assignments and promotions within the District Attorney’s Office are based primarily on the needs of the office, demonstrated ability and work ethic. New Assistant District Attorneys are assigned initially to the District Court Unit.  After an initial period in the District Court Unit, Assistant District Attorneys typically move on to the Juvenile unit where they handle delinquency hearings involving a myriad of charges, including serious felonies. Ultimately, Assistant District Attorneys move on to Trial Unit where they are now prepared to prosecute before juries.

While ADAs are typically assigned to one unit, those who express interest can pursue cases from other units. ADAs in each unit are expected to be able to assist law enforcement with investigations, analyze evidence for appropriate charges and dispositions, and communicate case information to victims and co-victims.

New hires undergo a two-week training period and additional training throughout employment. Training includes the substantive criminal law, elements of offenses, objections, and presentation of evidence as well as trial advocacy skills such as effective openings, closings, and cross-examinations.

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