Lancaster County Domestic Violence Unit Supervisor

The Assistant District Attorney who supervises the Domestic Violence Victims Unit must: 

Oversee  prosecution of all misdemeanor and felony domestic violence, and Indirect Criminal Contempt prosections relating to protection from abuse cases.  This includes the following approximate annual case load:  domestic violence/criminal: 500 cases; domestic violence/PFA violations: 250.  These duties include case assignment and active monitoring and supervision of all cases in the unit and all unit members.  It should be noted that many of the cases in the unit are extremely victim and subject nature sensitive and thus take more resources and specialized skills than other units.  Further, in light of the nature of the cases the supervisor of this unit must take extra care to ensure staff are complying with the unit protocols and victim rights are given special consideration.

Report to the First Assistant District Attorney concerning unit case status and unique unit issues of which there are many.  This area of prosecution is particularly challenging as well as more fluid than many other areas and thus requires an absolute expert in their field of practice

Be responsible for personal caseload including: investigation review/consultation;  victim interviews, preliminary hearing, appropriate bail hearings, pretrial matters, plea negotiations, trials, and post-trial and appellate matters.  Because this unit’s cases are victim-sensitive (domestic/physical or sexual assault),  it is imperative that the ADA has knowledge of  all pertinent victim impact information  in the present case, as well as any relevant history of defendant’s abuse towards other victims.

Consult with necessary persons for case preparation and disposition including victims, witnesses, police officers, legal advocates, probation officers and civil attorneys.  DV-ADAs must be aware of the status of any on-going family law proceedings (i.e., divorce, custody, PFA, Children and Youth) and their possible impact on the criminal prosecution.

Provide local trainings for municipal and PSP law enforcement agencies to familiarize departments with the county Domestic Violence Police Response Protocol and local court procedure, and to provide legal updates on domestic violence investigation and prosecution.  Review new domestic violence prosecution techniques and procedures nationwide.  Recommend appropriate procedures for the District Attorney’s consideration for local implementation.

Grant Coordinator for Lancaster County STOP Violence Against Women Project, including coordinating grant application to PCCD; collecting statistical data and preparing annual program report to PCCD; liaison to PCCD in all reporting matters.

Sits on the following committees: STOP Grant Coordinating Team; Judicial PFA Coordinating Team; Lancaster County Childrens Alliance Advisory Committee, District Attorney Child Abuse Cadre.

Ensure that all scheduled DV/IP matters – DV Central Court/PFA-ICC Court, specially scheduled SBI felony preliminary hearings, after hours on-call, criminal trials, etc. are appropriately staffed.

Starting Salary:  $76,459.50 / Year

Apply Here: Job ID 4194