Office of attorney General Deputy Attorney General III/IV Scranton, Allentown, or Wilkes-Barre

This Deputy Attorney General position is an advanced prosecutor position in the Office of Attorney General’s Criminal Law Division.  The Criminal Prosecutions Section investigates and prosecutes a complete spectrum of crimes ranging from the simplest of misdemeanors, to complex corrupt organizations and conspiracies, to first-degree murder cases.  Many cases this section handles come as referrals from a District Attorney’s office due to a lack of resources, or an actual or apparent conflict of interest on the part of the district attorney or their office.  This position requires an attorney who has experience handling child abuse and sex crimes investigations/prosecutions on a consistent basis.  Grand Jury experience would also be beneficial for this role.

The assigned attorney is responsible for all phases of prosecution, including making charging decisions, arraignment, preliminary hearing, pretrial conference, pretrial motions/hearings, trial (bench/jury), post-trial motions/hearings, and sentencing hearings.  The assigned attorney is responsible for maintaining contact with victims throughout the aforementioned stages of proceedings.  A willingness to travel is an essential part of this position.  An intimate knowledge of criminal law and criminal procedure is necessary to perform these duties.  A Deputy Attorney General III (DAG III) will work independently on most matters.  A Deputy Attorney General IV (DAG IV) works independently except in extraordinary cases.

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This posting will be open through September 21, 2024. Candidates can apply here.

Please Call Courtney Bailey at  717-514-7148 for any questions.