PA Office of Attorney General Deputy Attorney General II/III/IV

Salary Range:

DAG II: Pay Range 9 – Starting salary of $70,709
DAG III: Pay Range 10 – Starting salary of $80,822
DAG IV: Pay Range 11 – Starting salary of $92,401

Basic Function:

This Deputy Attorney General position is a prosecutor position in the Office of Attorney General’s Criminal Law Division.  The Gun Violence Task Force investigates and prosecutes a complete spectrum of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to gun trafficking and complex corrupt organizations and conspiracies, to first-degree murder cases.  Gun Violence Task Force agents and attorneys work in the City of Philadelphia and focus on investigating straw purchases and gun related crimes of violence.

This attorney position is responsible for all phases of prosecution including making charging decisions, arraignments, preliminary hearings, pretrial conferences, pretrial motions and hearings, trials (bench and jury), posttrial motions and hearings, and sentencing hearings.  An intimate knowledge of criminal law and criminal procedure is necessary to perform these duties.   Throughout the aforementioned stages of proceedings, and when necessary, the attorney is responsible for maintaining contact with victims.  A Deputy Attorney General II (DAG II) appears in Municipal Court and waiver trial rooms and assists more senior attorneys in statewide investigative grand juries, major jury trials, and homicides.  A Deputy Attorney General III (DAG III) works independently on most matters except in extraordinary cases.  A Deputy Attorney General IV (DAG IV) will work independently except in extraordinary cases.  A willingness to travel is an essential part of this position.

Click here for more information on this position. This posting is available until June 11, 2023. Please call Courtney R. Bailey at 717-514-7148 if you have any questions.