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PDAA Responds to Governor Wolf and Meek Mill call for Criminal Justice Reforms

Harrisburg, PA — The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association President and Berks County District Attorney John Adams issued the following statement in response to a news conference today with Governor Tom Wolf and rapper Meek Mill:

“Experienced leaders in Pennsylvania law enforcement have a long history of supporting earnest and responsible reforms to the criminal justice system. In fact, prosecutors have been part of significant improvements over the years to including more money for drug treatment, earned time credits for certain state offenders, limits on returning certain technical parole violators to state prison, clean slate reforms, and limiting drivers’ license suspensions.

We are always willing to take a look at smart, balanced reforms. We cannot, however let one individual under very unique circumstances indict an entire system. As this conversation moves forward, it is imperative that policymakers look through the lens of public safety and ensure fairness for defendants and victims. We caution against the wholesale elimination of appropriate consequences and accountability in the criminal justice system cloaked in the concept of reform.”

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Editor’s Note: PDAA President and Berks County District Attorney John Adams is available for comment.  DA Adams began his career as a probation and parole officer and served as a defense attorney before his election to District Attorney in 2008.

Contact: Lauren Cotter Brobson on behalf of PDAA, (717) 805-0271 or



HARRISBURG -- Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association (PDAA) President and Berks County District Attorney John T. Adams released the following statement today after the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office announced multiple charges against Bedford County District Attorney William Higgins who subsequently resigned from office: “The allegations presented today are beyond troubling. The people of Bedford County have been betrayed in an unimaginable way.

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PDAA Support for HB 149

Dear Senate Judiciary Committee Member: I am writing to express the strong support of the PDAA for HB 149, which will be before you today. This is important legislation designed to reduce instances of witness intimidation. You are all aware of the problems associated with and prevalence of witness intimidation. One form of intimidation we have seen is the taking of pictures

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PDAA Support for S.B. 501

Dear Chairmen Greenleaf and Leach: I am writing to express our support for SB 501. We believe this legislation by Senator Killion will help reduce domestic violence fatalities and other serious crimes. The link between domestic violence and firearms-related crimes is, unfortunately, significant. By way of example, on November 10, 2016, Officer Scott Bashioum of the Canonsburg Police Department was fatally shot

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PDAA Support for Marsy’s Law (S.B. 1011)

Dear Senator: I am writing to express the support of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association (PDAA) for S.B. 1011.  Known as Marsy’s Law, this legislation would ensure that our State Constitution protects the rights of crime victims.  By elevating these rights, Pennsylvania would be taking a significant step to ensuring that victims are afforded the appropriate dignity, respect, and protections that

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District Attorneys from Montgomery, Lebanon and Indiana Counties Elected to Serve in PDAA Leadership Positions

Harrisburg, PA –The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association (PDAA) announced new members to executive board and appointments to two key leadership positions. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele was named Legislative Chair and member of the executive committee. Lebanon County District Attorney David Arnold, a past-president of the PDAA, was elected Communications Chair.  Indiana County District Attorney Pat Dougherty was elected to

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Bucks, Clinton and Dauphin County District Attorneys Elected to PDAI Board of Directors

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Institute (PDAI) announced today that the District Attorneys of Bucks, Clinton and Dauphin Counties were elected to fill vacancies on its board of directors. The PDAI board approved their nominations unanimously during its winter meeting. “The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Institute works to ensure integrity in the work prosecutors do and truth in the justice

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Testimony of Fran Chardo Dauphin County District Attorney Before the Senate Judiciary Committee On HB 1952

My name is Fran Chardo, and I am the District Attorney in Dauphin County. I am pleased to be here today on behalf of my colleagues with the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association to discuss HB 1952, a vital piece of public safety legislation. HB 1952 needs to reach the Governor’s desk soon. Otherwise: the State Police may be obligated as a

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Sending a Strong Message

Offense Gravity Score increases are one part of a comprehensive approach to illegal drug epidemic In December, PDAA President and Berks County District Attorney John Adams testified before the PA Sentencing Commission in favor of an increase in the offense gravity score (OGS) related to fentanyl. A posting on our twitter feed generated quite a few comments that reflected a limited

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PDAA Mourns Susquehanna District Attorney Bob Klein’s Passing

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association President and Berks County District Attorney John Adams today issued the following statement upon news of the death of Susquehanna County District Attorney Bob Klein: “There is great sorrow throughout Pennsylvania’s legal community today. Among his fellow prosecutors and the defense bar alike Bob Klein was known as hardworking, fair, and just.  Bob

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