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The PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT ATTORNEYS INSTITUTE, the education and training affiliate of the Association, was founded in 1983 for the purpose of developing and providing educational materials and training seminars for District Attorneys. In addition to providing training and materials to District Attorneys and their staffs, the Institute also conducts child abuse investigation courses, caselaw updates and other training courses for Pennsylvania’s law enforcement officials. It now administers programs to provide training to victim service professionals as well.
Statewide coordinated training maximizes networking opportunities and access to resources for each District Attorney’s Office.

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2022 Foundational Academy: New Procedures & Save the Date

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Procedural Justice Training Series 1: Web Based Training

January 20, 2022-June 20, 2022

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"Putting officers on the street, out of their patrol cards, builds trust and is essential to both preventing crime… https://t.co/1PA7wvzAF0