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The PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION was formed in 1912 for the purpose of providing uniformity and efficiency in the discharge of duties and functions of Pennsylvania’s 67 District Attorneys and their assistants. The Association today continues to further its purpose through its support of training programs, and by its reporting of legal and legislative developments of importance to Pennsylvania prosecutors and their colleagues within the criminal justice system. Moreover, the Association continues to operate as a vehicle for the effective exchange of information among its approximately 1,000 members which primarily include current District Attorneys and their assistants; former District Attorneys and assistant district attorneys; deputy attorneys general; Assistant US Attorneys; and police chiefs.

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DAs Collaborating Locally to Responsibly Decrease Juvenile Populations at Youth Centers

Categorical release of juveniles is not in the best interest of either the juveniles or the community, PDAA tells Supreme Court. HARRISBURG, PA – In response to the health issues.

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PDAA to Supreme Court: ACLU Filing to Release Jailed Inmates is Overbroad, Fails to Consider Individual Needs of Defendants and Ignores Requirements of Crime Victim’s Act

HARRISBURG, PA – At the request of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association (PDAA) today submitted a response to a petition the ACLU filed Monday, March 30,.

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DAs Collaborating Locally to Responsibly Decrease Juvenile Populations at Youth Centers: https://t.co/E7txbMfRyG