DAs to Drivers: Safety First over July 4th

July 2, 2009

Harrisburg, PA – One set of fireworks Pennsylvania’s district attorneys don’t want to see set off this holiday weekend are the consequences of drunk and unsafe driving, says Max P. Little, Esq., Pennsylvania’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP).  The Fourth of July is one of the most deadly holidays on roads and highways.

When you’re young, summer can mean parties and long, lazy days,” said Little.  “Tragically, it also means young people are at risk of being killed in an alcohol-related driving crash.  This holiday, district attorneys are reminding Pennsylvania drivers to slow down, be responsible and above all, play it safe on the roads.”

Driving under the influence and aggressive driving are the leading contributors to highway deaths.  Nearly 1,500 Pennsylvanians lose their lives in traffic crashes each year.

“If you’re over the limit, you’ll be under arrest.  However, district attorneys would rather prevent a tragedy from happening than have to prosecute a case involving a drunk or aggressive driver,” said Little.  “There is no excuse for anyone getting behind the wheel if they have been drinking.  And while aggressive driving is a new focus by law enforcement, what isn’t new are the crashes caused by drivers taking risks, driving too fast and being too impatient on the roads.”

Little pointed to PennDOT’s website, www.drivesafepa.com as a resource Pennsylvanians can use to learn more about safe driving behaviors.  As Pennsylvania’s TSRP, Little serves on the PennDOT steering committee that created a strategic highway safety plan with the goal of reducing traffic-related deaths by 100 in 2009.

“The legal and personal consequences of drunk driving and aggressive driving aren’t worth it,” said Little.  “It’s important to remind people to think before they drink, think before they drive too fast, and think before they let themselves get angry on the road.  In a split second, lives can be put at stake.  In a split second, lives can be lost,” Little concluded.

About Pennsylvania’s Traffic Safety Prosecutor

Pennsylvania’s district attorneys assumed responsibility for the TSRP position to help prosecutors, law enforcement officers and other community stakeholders in the arena of traffic safety education and enforcement.  The TSRP works with PennDOT, the Pennsylvania DUI Association, MADD and other organizations to coordinate traffic-safety training curriculum for police, prosecutors and others interested in the common goals of safe-driving.  The TSRP also works directly with district attorneys with assistance in prosecuting traffic-related cases.