Longtime PDAA Aides Take on New Leadership Roles for Association

January 13, 2021


HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association’s (PDAA) Executive Committee today named Greg Rowe its new executive director and Allison Hrestak, chief operating officer. Both Rowe and Hrestak take on these new leadership roles building on years of service to the Association.

In addition to coordinating the Association’s legal, communications and public policy goals as executive director, Rowe’s duties will include continuing to direct and coordinate legislative and policy initiatives.

Greg Rowe

PDAA Executive Director Greg Rowe

“Greg is a very effective leader and has proven himself an untiring public advocate on behalf of prosecutors and justice,” said PDAA President and Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch. “In this new role, Greg will build upon his exemplary track record to ensure that Pennsylvania’s prosecutors have the legal framework, resources and tools they need to discharge their duties with fidelity.”

Rowe has extensive criminal justice and public safety experience on the local, state and federal levels and played a key role developing many important legislative initiatives, including enactment of Pennsylvania’s strangulation law, reforms to the wiretap law and Clean Slate. Prior to working with the PDAA on legislative and policy matters, served as Governor Rendell’s Senior Policy Manager for Public Safety and as Special Assistant for Criminal Justice.  In these positions, Greg oversaw Pennsylvania’s public safety functions with regard to policy, legislation and operations and was the Governor’s day-to-day contact with Pennsylvania’s law enforcement agencies and representatives.

Allison Hrestak

Chief Operating Officer Allison Hrestak

As Chief Operating Officer, Hrestak will oversee day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the PDAA and PDAI following the policies and goals set forth by the Executive Director, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and membership. She will also continue to fullfil her responsibilities in the role of Director of Training and Membership Services.

“Allison has been the organizational force behind the Association’s trainings and events for over 13 years,” Piecuch said. “She has earned the respect of our leadership, the trust of our members and the admiration of the staff, making Allison an ideal strategic partner to run the Association’s day-to-day operations.”

In her role as Director of Training and Membership Services for PDAA, Hrestak has been responsible for organizing and developing PDAA’s statewide conferences and training events, including curriculum development, negotiation of contracts, marketing of courses and overseeing the compliance with all requirements of the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Board. She has also served as the liaison representing the PDAI in training grant-related projects, such as the Child Abuse Coalition, Juvenile Prosecutors Network, State Correctional Institution Crimes Prosecutors Network and the Education and Training subcommittee. Prior to her work at PDAA, Allision served as Press Secretary in the Department of State’s Office of Communications and Press for the Ridge/Schweiker and Rendell Administrations.


“Our association is in great hands,” Piecuch concluded.

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Contact: Greg Rowe, PDAA Executive Director, (717) 231-3912 or growe@pdaa.org